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Do you know your art?

Just For Fun………Do you know your art?

A survey has found that the British are a nation of art illiterates. Can you tell your Monet from your Van Gogh?

Self portrait 1. The artist was confined to a French asylum by the time he created this self portrait. Who is it?
Claude Monet
Pierre-Auguste Renoir
Vincent van Gogh
Paul Gauguin
Garden 2. That’s one stunning garden of sunflowers. But what subject is most closely associated with this famous impressionist?
Cutting off his own ear
Ballet dancers
Water lilies
Venetian painting 3. That light, that gorgeous shade of red – which Venetian master painted this?
Giovanni Bellini
Frida Kahlo 4. Another self-portrait, this time by the ruthlessly self-aware Frida Kahlo. She and her husband, Diego Rivera, were the leading lights of which country’s art scene?
Sculpture 5. Which sculptor created this curvaceous wonder?
Pablo Picasso
Henry Moore
Barbara Hepworth
Alberto Giacometti
Painting 6. Who distorted this lovely lady?
Jackson Pollock
Pablo Picasso
Man Ray
Max Ernst
Sculpture 2 7. Who carved this famous kiss?
Gian Lorenzo Bernini
Auguste Rodin
Anish Kapoor
painting 2 8. Of course you will recognise this work by Salvador Dali. But what type of painter was he?
Abstract expressionist

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