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Parmigianino led a turbulent, chaotic and short life.

Early Years:
Born in Parma, Italy, in the year 1503, Parmigianino came from a family of artists. Orphaned at the age of two, he was brought up by his two uncles who were established
artists in Parma and saw to his early artistic education. From an early age Parmigianino showed an exceptional talent and often helped his uncles with their local fresco

Parmigianino’s early paintings show the pervasive influence of Correggio. These include The Mystic Marriage of Saint Catherine and the frescoes in San Giovanni Evangelista,
where both artists painted.

Middle Years:
Like many artists before him, Parmigianino moved to Rome in 1524 to seek out fame and fortune. The city was the epicenter of artistic antiquities and a place where young
artists could study and gain inspiration from the work of the great masters, Raphael and Michelangelo. In Rome, Parmigianino presented his Self-Portrait in a Convex Mirror to
the Papal court, hoping to gain commissions and was immediately celebrated as ‘Raphael reborn’.

Advanced Years:
Parmigianino was forced to flee Rome when the city was destroyed by German troops in 1527. Three years later Parmigianino returned to Parma, where he was a hailed as a
local hero and easily gained work. However, in his later years, Parmigianino’s eccentricities and obsession with alchemy got the better of him and he steadily declined.

In 1537, he was imprisoned for failing to complete some of his artistic obligations. Obtaining bail he fled to Casal Maggiore, where he ended his days in exile and disgrace. He
was just 37 years old when he died.

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