Passion For Art

>>>>>Jean Ingres

Jean Auguste Dominique Ingres

There’s no specific age to pinpoint when Ingres became interested in art. As his father was an artist, Ingres likely began training at an early age. His career experienced many ups and downs, but as a true Neoclassical artist, Ingres stayed true to the classical notion of idealized beauty.

Early Years: 
He elevated to more formal training, moving to France then to Rome and back between the two places throughout his life. Ingres spent the majority of his early years following his own artistic impulses, thus being rejected almost entirely by the Salon’s critic approval.

Intermediate Years: 
The reaction to Ingres’ art fluctuated during his middle years. He spent his time moving back and forth from Paris to Rome according to if he had a favorable response or not. Likewise, his critical reception went back and forth; in and out of his favor. Despite the fickle public, Ingres eventually became a well respected teacher.

Advanced Years: 
In his latter years, Ingres continued to paint and shock his critics. He ultimately ended on top, being viewed as one of the greatest living artists in France during that time. He left behind many fans but no pupils to carry on the Neoclassicism legacy. 

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