Passion For Art

>>>>>Anna Youngers

“The process of creating art is a pilgrimage that continually challenges me to investigate a deeper understanding and awe of the tangible world. Each day provides an unique opportunity to intimately experience my environment through careful observation of form, light, and color. Much of my inspiration is derived from the classical imagery of the Old Masters’ and I aspire to create that timeless quality in my own paintings. I want my work to capture the simple transcendent beauty of what is experienced day to day – whether it be the fascination by familiar objects in a still life, the elegant bone structure or elusive expression of a person, or the distinctive character of a landscape.”
Born in Sioux Falls, SD, in 1985, Anna began her training as a painter early in life. At the age of sixteen she began a four-year classical apprenticeship at Pantura Studios with painters Hans-Peter Szameit and Sanna Tomac. Anna credits her traditional atelier training in providing her with the fundamentals of seeing, drawing and rendering form from life. Her working methods today continue to evolve, but are primarily rooted in the classical tradition. Upon completion of her training in 2006, Anna opened her studio in Sioux Falls, SD, where she currently paints and teaches private lessons.

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