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>>>>>Anthony Cashman

Anthony Cashman has been painting professionally for more than 20 years. He is a self taught artist influenced at an early age by his families interest in art. During his early years of painting Anthony worked solely in oils, but in the 80’s he started to experiment with acrylics, finding that they offered greater scope for the effects he wanted to achieve. For the first 10 years of his professional career, Anthony was known more for his landscape paintings, though he also experimented with ideas in the contemporary abstract field and these ideas have now expanded to result in his present day abstracts. Anthony’s paintings have been sold to people all over the world – USA, Russia, China, Australia, Canada, Africa and the Middle East and he has had exhibitions in places ranging from San Diego to Aberdeen. Galleries throughout the U.K. have exhibited and sold his work.

His abstracts appeal to all ages and are a result of blending a small palette of colours, using light and shade to produce pleasing contrasts, leading to the creation of fascinating shapes and movement for the observer to interpret

Colour rather than the subject matter has also influenced Anthony’s photography, which developed in the 80’s as an extension of his artwork. By the mid 80’s he was successfully selling large size limited editions of his photographs, and he continues to do so.

Anthony’s interests lie not only in the artistic field. He has been actively involved in the Martial Arts for the past 18 years, resulting in the formation of his own association, the Sports Karate Federation with clubs in the South East of England. He has become well known and respected both nationally and internationally as a coach and referee in sport karate and he travels to Europe and North America quite frequently, coaching his son, Jacey Cashman, who holds World and European titles. Other interests include music and his dogs.

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