Passion For Art

>>>>>Daisy Boman

Daisy Boman grew up in the Flemish part of Belgium, near Antwerp. Even as a child drawing was her favourite pastime and this eventually led her to enter the Academy of Fine Art, where she studied interior design and photography. She then proceeded to experiment with ceramics, and the new possibilities that this medium offered inspired her to go still further. In 1981 her husband was offered an exciting opportunity as an architect in South Africa and the couple moved to Johannesburg.

There, her work and the idea behind it matured, strongly influenced by social aspects and characteristics of South African society during Apartheid. Alone, but mostly in numbers, her figures climb, interact with each other, fall, crawl, run-telling us stories about life, human destiny and universal feelings. The ‘Bo-men’ are there to remind us how much struggle defines our lives in the world. But are we all that different in our struggling? Daisy Boman suggests not, offering us a unique look at ourselves.

Faceless, they ask us to look at them for what they are, not for what they look like. Daisy’s sculptures experience life, with a playful and challenging attitude but also in even more dramatic fashion. They race, try hard for something better, make choices, and carry the burden of life.

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