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>>>>>Danielle Richard

Danielle Richard lives in Quebec City, Canada, where she was born and educated.
Very early in life, she was fascinated by the world of pictorial art. For as long as she can remember, she has always been surrounded by the tools “for making works of art”: gouache, distemper, pastels, etc. Upon reaching adolescence, she wasted no time deciding on her future… “I loved painting and it seemed only natural for me to become an artist!”
“I spent more and more time in the museums of Europe, which gave me the creative nourishment that both humbled me and inspired me on. Before a particularly striking work, it always seemed clear to me that I had to take up the quest for beauty and harmony that so many other artists had begun before me.” Her fascination with the singularity of light is something that has and will probably always inspire the works of Danielle Richard.
She received grants from the Quebec government and the Elizabeth Greenshields Foundation on two occasions (Scholarships I and II). The first helped her to refine her knowledge of original lithography at the Dona Miro studio in Montreal, and the second made it possible to take a semester abroad on “Watercolor in English landscapes” at the University of Oxford in Great Britain. In 1994, she became the youngest artist to be featured in a retrospective at Villa Bagatelle in Quebec City.
Each of her exhibitions has met with a warm and enthusiastic response from the public. She never ceases to be moved when she realizes “that after so much time spent in solitude putting to canvas these faces, places, and emotions, someone somewhere is touched” by her art.
She says that she has enough projects and wonderful images stored in her mind to keep her busy for the rest of her days… “That tells me I chose the right path.”
“Many of Danielle Richard’s paintings feature a vista, a clearing, a door, or a window through which a feminine gaze appears to flee, but what it truly seeks is to delve into its most intimate being.”
“Beauty,” she says, “is a word more and more people are afraid of.” For so many artists who no longer dare to break the taboo, Danielle Richard has become a heroic figure. Luckily, she is there, lucid and invisible, hidden away in her studio, wrapped up in the immensity of her vision, removed from the dictates of her time. By straying from the contemporary, she remains eternal.”

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