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>>>Edward Runci

Edward Runci, like Bill Medcalf, is an outstanding but unfortunately little-known or talked-about master of pin-ups in oil. His luxuriant brush strokes reveal a talent and skill comparable to Elvgren. Runci like many of the others studied with Sundblom. According to noted pin-up authority Charles Martignette, Runci was a portrait artist in Hollywood when he was approached by a calendar company for pin-ups. Martignette notes that Runci girls frequently get caught in compromising situations climbing a fence to flee a bull, dress blowing up on a Ferris Wheel ride. Although he did few pinups (probably less than 100) he was one of the best. He went on to become internationally known throughout the remainder of his career for his other subjects which were often in print.

Runci’s early 1950s girls are rosy-checked, voluptuous, often blonde Marilyn Monroe-types whose wholesome sensuality radiates off the canvas. He also dabbled in the glamour-gown sub-genre, creating startlingly life-like effects in the silky folds of garments. Maxine his wife, also an accomplished artist and scuptor, did some pinips under the name of M. Stevens which were often to be confused with those of her husband Ed’s. Later works of Maxine’s were signed M. Runci. She also flourished in her career. Both Edward and Maxine died early in life.. A great loss to the art world.

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