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>>>Merlin Enabnit

Merlin Enabnit (American 1903-1979) resided in Seattle, Washington, and as a young man he met and was inspired by both Sydney Laurence and Eustace Ziegler. He was also friendly with other artists including such notables as Nicolai Fechin, Grant Wood, Andrew Loomis, and Ben Stahl.

In 1940, Merlin Enabnit was hailed by Life magazine as England’s answer to George Petty; the Merlin Girl was a big favorite of British “Tommys” via regular appearances in Sketch magazine. Merlin’s sleek, airbrushed damsels certainly do evoke Petty, although they have a bounce and personality of their own. Postcards, magazine covers and a campaign for White Owl cigars attempted to make Merlin a hit in the States, but his fame never approached Petty level.

Ironically, Merlin (a fellow of the Royal Society of Arts of England) was not British he was born near Des Moines, lowa, in 1903, and worked out of Chicago. His fame in America centered upon his portraits of United Nations luminaries, among others./p>

The artist was well-known enough for a “Merlin Enabnit’s No. 1 Palette Knife” to be marketed nationally and he authored how-to books for Walter Foster on painting with a palette knife, portraiture, and use of color.

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