Passion For Art

>>>>>Kristin Kung

Born in New Brunswick, New Jersey in 1978, Kristin has been painting since she was old enough to remember. The past thirteen years of her life have been devoted to her first passion, from the time she began studying at the Cape Cod School of Art in 1996. She went on to complete her art degree at the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts in Philadelphia, graduating in 2001. She continued her education at the Egeli Portrait Workshops for several years before going to work as an assistant and understudy for Jacob Collins at the Water Street Atelier in New York City. Kristin’s work allows her to bring her own universe into existence. With brush in hand, she strives to elicit a dreamlike sense of introspection and calm, and to produce art that encourages people to make up their own stories about the subject. Whether they feature a pristine stream, a glass of deep red wine, or the faces of the people around her, Kristin’s works are suffused with inner light and soft color. She paints true to the classical style, with a sense of timelessness and longevity to the work. Her portraits, which comprise the lion’s share of her current work, will remain lovely and desirable regardless of temporary trends and fads in the art world.

Kristin enjoys the culturally rich lifestyle that art allows her to live. She spent her first post-graduate summer in Florence, painting street scenes and soaking in the richness of Italian life. She currently teaches privately, in addition to the Teaching Studios of Art in Oyster Bay and Brooklyn, New York. Her exhibits up to the present include the National Society of Arts and Letters Competition in Bloomington, Indiana; the Atlanta Art Gallery; and the Meredith Long & Company exhibition of ‘The Water Street Atelier’ in Houston, Texas. Kristin accepts portrait commissions in addition to teaching.

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