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>>>>>LS Lowry

LS Lowry has one of the most unique and unusual artists of the 20th Century. He is best known for images of ‘match-stick’ men and ‘match-stick’ cats and dogs set against the backdrop of industrial northern England. Characteristics of Lowry’s work include pale backgrounds, prominent architecture and the use of a limited pallet of only 5 colours.

Lowry was born in 1887 in Manchester, he began to draw at the age of 8 and at 15 he began private painting classes. He wanted to be seen as a serious artist so much that is was only after his death it was revealed he was in full-time non-artistic employment from 1904 until he retired in 1952. He exhibited regularly at the Royal Academy in London and in 1962 he became a Royal Academician. He was a shy and reserved man and refused several honours including a Knighthood. Lowry died in 1976 aged 88, in the same year the Royal Academy held a Memorial exhibition of his work. 

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