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>>>>>Mark Edwards

Men in overcoats and bowler hats? the mystery unfolds!

Who are these mysterious men wearing large overcoats and bowler hats? Why are they standing in the woods? The mystery unfolds …


These three new Limited Edition prints are by one of Washington Green publisher’s most recently signed artists, Mark Edwards. I was really intrigued by this series. It is very exciting to see an artist who demands an instant reaction from the viewer and invites you to project your own interpretation of the unfolding events that you see before you. When you first glance at this strangely surreal world with these isolated figures you could be mistaken that they are from an entirely different era, one that has long gone by. The artist evokes you to ask questions as to why they appear in this enchanted location of the ‘White Wood’. He successfully persuades you to come to your own conclusion almost as if you yourself were solving the mystery. Comparisons have been made with this series to that of a John Le Carre thriller. The artist recently commented of his series: “As the series of paintings develop I’m aware that certain events, like the appearance of a steam train or the shadow of a man with a balloon, may eventually explain what this white wood, and its male inhabitants, are all about” We eagerly await more from this thought provoking artist and hope as the series progresses we just may well uncover the mystery, but I’m sure we will all come to our own conclusions!


Mark Edward’s background: Mark Edwards has a long and successful career in book illustration, including C. S. Lewis’ published Narnia Chronicles. Leading a rather unconventional life he spent his first ten years of married life in a shepherd’s cottage, on the most northerly tip of Scotland without electricity or telephone. With his wife they raised their three children in a remote and undeniably romantic setting. The surroundings with which he lived gave the artists career the perfect launch. The Scottish highlands and its untamed landscapes of stags, stalking and hunting became an obvious focus for his oil originals. His work became popular within the hunting, fishing and shooting fraternity. But the artist became unsatisfied and began experimenting with a different medium and subject, his mysterious men then took up their place in his pieces.


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