Passion For Art

>>>>>Mark Keller

While Keller has been an artist since he was a child, he launched his career as a full-time artist in the year 2000, following the path of his father, who was a cartoonist in the armed services. 

Keller’s journey to that stage began as a child when he picked up his brother’s guitar, building and intimacy with music that is infused into his art to this day. Whether he depicts a man cradling an old,beloved violin or a woman dancing in the back of a smoke-filled room, his rich, realistic portrayals breathe a respect for music and its affect on the musician.”Theres always passion when you see a great musician, or even a mediocre musician, if they’re putting their hearts into it,” Keller says. 

Mark was one of the country’s most successful producers, he created music for leterally hundreds if television commercials working with music legends such as Ray Charles, Willie Nelson, Little Richard and Johnny Cash. 

Now as a painter Mark’s work often reflects how much music has impacted his life. From somke-filled tango bars in Buenos Aires to jazz clubs in Paris and street musicians in New York subways, his paintings convey an audible as well as a visual emotion. The use of music as a recurring element in his pictures seems just as universal as personal. 

With his wife and two children (all artists) Mark now divides his time between homes in Sausalito, CA and San Juan Island, WA

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