Passion For Art

>>>>>Nicole Alger

I am a classically trained realist painter, living in New York City. During the first ten years after art school, I focused on the traditional genres of still life, portraiture and landscapes. The vast majority of my work was commissioned and sold privately.

Over the last five years, I have shifted to more imaginative, narrative work inspired stylistically by fine artists such as Degas and Klimt, along with countless European masters from the Renaissance and religious imagery from the painters of the Neo-Classical to Post-Impressionist era. I am also influenced by Buddhist ideas, Greek mythology and the Indian chakra system. In the years to come, I hope I can continue to mine my inner life for painting ideas.

My current work fuses realism and abstraction. I try to capture a striving for balance, self-knowledge and healing using the language of the chakra system. Simply stated, our bodies are divided into seven energetic wheels, or chakras, all of which contain the thoughts that shape our experiences. Each chakra is also illustrated by a color.

The vibrant colors of this system form a symbolic language that can be used to depict the inner world. That is a departure from the classical, realistic tradition that uses color and value in the service of light and shadow to create form. Rather than mapping out the composition beforehand, I use color – and not light – as my primary vehicle. I begin with one simple idea and then allow each day’s work to guide the next move intuitively.

I draw inspiration from messages found in Buddhism, Greek mythology and the world around me.

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