Passion For Art

>>>>>Pauline Adair

Born in New Zealand, Pauline moved to Sydney, Australia in 1970 where she worked as the Advertising Manager of a national retail chain for the next 20 years. In 1990 relocation to Queensland meant that her long postponed passion for art could be given some attention, nurtured, and brought to life. 
Having no formal art training Pauline exhibited in many Galleries and Art Shows around Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast, winning over 40 art awards for portraits, landscapes and figurative works. 
Pauline has painted and been inspired by many and varied subjects over the years, and has explored the figure and portraits in her art extensively. Her tasteful nude figures are always more evocative rather than provocative, and she has often been commissioned to paint personal nude portraits. 
Pauline works in watercolour, pastels or oils… or the figures may be drawn in a variety of mediums including charcoal, inks, or textured acrylic. 
Her home studio is located on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia.

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