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Artist Scott Carruthers – How refreshing!

What I love about art is that there’s something there for everyone, we all get to choose what we like. It is the most thought provoking item we will ever buy or see for it demands us to use all our human emotions when confronted with it. We cry at it, laugh at it, have no feeling for it, hate it or fall in love with it.


At the moment I’m finding art that really does tick my ‘love it’ box and am praising the art publisher Washington Green for their latest signings Mark Edwards and Scott Carruthers. Have you read my blog about Mark Edwards? Please do for he really is worth a look!


Today I want to speak about Scott Carruthers latest series ‘Nostalgic Observations’, even my two young sons think his paintings are cool. The thing about this particular series is that it appeals to both young and old. The reason they appeal to me is because he manages to remind me occasions, objects and possessions from my own childhood but also incorporates current day experiences from his own children which remind my of mine. These knee high colourful figures take us back in time prompting us of our own adventures and day to day life; a time of newspaper rounds, building snowmen and watching television with what now would be classed as old fashioned.

What’s The Story?)

The paintings are uncomplicated and invite us to enter an imaginative world where the children inhabit, invent, populate and explore stirring up memories of the past. My particular favourite is ‘What’s The Story’ and also happens to be my eldest son’s favourite too, for like me he too owns a Chopper bike which even today is looked upon as COOL!

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