Passion For Art

>>>>>Sharon Knettell

I was born rather late in the day, January 20th 1943, in the middle of World War Two, in Shelton Connecticut. My father was an advertising executive and my mother was a nurse. I was followed by three lovely sisters, with who I am still on speaking terms.

I had an idyllic childhood. My first memory is wheeling about on a tricycle in a yard flanked by a field dotted with sheep on one side and a snake den on the other. My first significant piece of art was a picture of a Coca-Cola bottle, entitled “Soda Not Being Drunk” at age four.

Grade school was equally memorable except for two unfortunate incidences. The first occurred when I caught my dress on the top of a slide and descended without the skirt. The second was when I was called into the principal’s office for brawling on school grounds. Needless to report I was always called on for school murals and art projects of all kinds.

High School was made infinitely exciting by my ability to decorate the margins of my text books. My Headmistress told my mother years later, that the Latin text book was the most special.

In High School I was fortunate to have Sanford Lowe as my art instructor. He was the director of the New Britain Museum of Art and a fine painter himself. He was responsible for helping to create its magnificent collection of American art including Andrew Wyeth and the wonderful American impressionists such as Childe Hassam and Frederick Frieseke. This was what I thought art was supposed to be and what I wanted to emulate. I have not changed my opinion.

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