Passion For Art

>>>>>Steve Parkes

Steve was born in 1943. His father went down with his ship in the Bay of Naples in 1944 and so with his mother and sister he went to live with his grandparents in East London. He disliked the boys’ school he went to and escaped to the art room at every opportunity. He was offered a place at Art School but, unfortunately, his mother could not afford to support him and so he went to work.

With the help of his uncle, a typographical designer, he got a job in an advertising agency as a junior/messenger. This was 1960 and ad agencies at that time were full of artists and writers – it was another world and he loved it. He was hooked on the world of advertising. He became an Art Director. He worked for Saatchi & Saatchi and moved with Maurice and Charles Saatchi when they split from that agency to form M&C Saatchi, where he became a Creative Director.

Around 1990 he felt the need to do some creative work for himself. So he joined a group at St Albans Art College, studying life drawing, painting and expression. He had developed a rather slick advertising style which he would use whatever the task, but his tutor soon saw through this and employed various techniques – drawing left-handed, with a twig dipped in ink etc – to help him develop his own style.

He was painting with no real theme but he had been working in Central London for over 40 years and loved the buzz, so it seemed natural to use London as his subject matter.

He retired from M&C Saatchi in June 2003, and is now able to devote his time to that which he loves most – painting.

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